Cologne • Lunch at Maredo

by - Friday, March 30, 2012

Since we arrived just before noon in Germany and that check-in at the hotel wasn't before 15:00, we decided that we would eat near the station. We were first surprised to find nothing open or nowhere to eat (I'm pretty sure now that we didn't look thoroughly enough). We went around a block and saw a restaurant we knew could only be part of a chain but we were too hungry and tired to look for something else. Plus some of the chains are not too bad (hem hem, Starbucks).
I loved the mexican inspired decoration, the tones were very welcoming and soft. The staff was friendly but they weren't many. The food wasn't the best and I can even say that we won't be going back if we can avoid it.
The mushroom soup was the worst I've ever tasted. I only took a spoon but couldn't eat it.
In Germany, they have different bread and sauce too but they're both very yummy and healthy. The corn and the ribs were okay. Peter said his burritos were too. I'm glad we were hungry though.
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