1 Were you named after anyone?
I don't think I am but I wasn't supposed to be called Patricia, but Camille. I was also supposed to be a boy until I was born. My father thought Camille was a boy's name and my parents had decided on Patrick too. So I'm Patricia.

2 Do you like your own handwriting?
I used to like more before because I was practicing to write like my teachers or my mother (she has the most beautiful handwriting). Now I don't write as much as I used to so it's not as pretty.

3 What would your superpower be if you could choose one?
I'd choose to be able to fly or teleport myself to any places I'd love. And if I took someone by the hand and ask them if they wanted to go along, they could.

4 Are you an Optimist or Pessimi
I believe I'm an optimist most of the time. Particularly when the person with me is pessimist, I'd always go for the optimist view. But sometimes I'm pessimist so I know I'll be gladly surprise by the outcome.

5 What do you collect?
Gosh, do you even want to know? Ok. Crayons, pens, cards, writing paper, notebooks, stuffed animals, giraffes (not real ones, unfo.), letters, boxes, frames, candles... Dreams?

6 What movie would your friends be surprised that you like?
I'd say horror movies in general. People don't realize how hilarious some of them are.

7 What are your favorite smells?
Peter's skin, cats' fur, cooking (any), lilly of the valley (the flower not perfumes).

8 Coffee or Tea?
Tea. No more coffee for me.

9 Wine or Beer?
Water? It'll sound weird and probably dramatic for some but even though I'm French, I don't like wine. And even though I live in Belgium, I don't like beer.

10 What is the best thing you've ever eaten? (Where?)
I had an eating orgasm (really!) in a restaurant called Chez Diego in the beautiful city of Arcachon, France. I ate the fish with ratatouille.

11 Mac or PC?
Converted to Mac last year, can't ever go back.

12 What are you listening to right now?
The fireworks in the center, it's beautiful.
As of music, I've been listening to the soundtrack of Amélie Poulain while cooking and Damien Rice 9 and Coldplay Viva LaVidawhile editing pictures. Oh and S.O.A.P Not like Other Girls too.

13 What career would you pursue in another life?
I think I can still pursue a lot of my dream jobs (photography, writing, being a mother)... But maybe an Avatar.

14 What sound or noise to you love?
Laughter, children cute little voices.

15 What sound or noise do you hate?
A knife on a plate while eating (gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!). The sound in the movie The Grudge. Couldn't sleep for a week after watching it.

16 Mountains or Beach?
If I can have both, definitely both. But I love mountains a tiny bit more.

17 Cook or Bake?
I think I like cooking more than baking even though I love both. When I'm cooking, I'm in a totally different world. Baking can be difficult for me sometimes, but maybe I just need some practice.

18 Do you go to restaurants and movies by yourself?
I don't go to restaurants by myself, I feel really nervous just waiting for someone there or in a pub (that's probably why I'm such a tardy head).
I used to go the movies by myself a whole lot when I was in the USA. I still do sometimes.

19 What is your favorite fairy tale or childhood story?
Hansel & Gretel. Don't really know why.

20 What would you tell the 13 year old you?
Yes, you'll make it through your daddy's death.
Yes, you'll travel the world like you've always wanted.
Yes, you'll date. And will find the love of your life.
Yes, you will be able to speak good English one day.
No, you'll never forget.
No it doesn't get easier but it's ok.
No, life is not like in the movies.
Be patient, be true to yourself, don't lose your closest friends.