10 years ago today...

by - Thursday, March 22, 2012

I met the family with whom I would spend 13 months as an AuPair to their child.

I remember that day as if it was yesterday: saying goodbye to all of the AuPairs who became my friends in such a short period of time, taking last souvenir pictures, seeing them going their own way, some being picked up by their family, some going to the airport or to another train.
I remember the card the I. family sent me when I was still in Stamford, CT for the orientation, it was so pretty and the words really encouraged me to be strong and that's when I was sure I was put in a good family.
I remember being in the train, standing up with another girl because our luggages were too big to put them anywhere but next to the doors.
I remember that after that girl left, I went to sit down next to an old man who smiled at me (I'm pretty sure he knew I was nervous).
And then I remember getting out of the train and looking around: I remember that there were so many people, so many. I'd never seen so many people on a platform before. I remember the open parking behind, made of 2 or 3 floors, i remember feeling lost for a little minute.

And all of a sudden, I saw a tall man, not too close, not too far. We saw each other, we recognized each other. He told C. that I was there and I saw her head turn around and I think my heart started racing because I knew I was safe then. They rushed towards me amongst the passengers, I was so happy. I saw that M. had little E. in his arms and this really warmed my heart: she was here too, I was about to meet the little girl I would take care of for 13 months.

I still remember so closely the feelings of that exact moment I recognized the I. family, it's really extraordinary how even though I'd never met these people and only wrote and sent pictures, I could feel a powerful sense of security and love.

That's when I knew the journey in America was a dream come true.

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