Spring Haircut

by - Sunday, March 18, 2012

I don't really know what came up to me when I decided that this week, I'd cut my hair: maybe it's the Spring coming, maybe it's the stress of not having my hair do what I'd like it to do, maybe because I wasn't taking so much care of it or maybe it's this picture from a few years back that I love... But here it is, all short and very curly like I love it.
haircut 2012-03
I cut it a little too short for my own liking but I know it'll grew so that's okay. I'm also quite lucky I have curly hair, otherwise you'd see how bad I cut it. hahaha
I still want to see how it will look with my bangs. I'm pretty sure it'll look like Kimbra's in this video, which I'm very excited about. OOH but I just tried and it does:
haircut Kimbra 2012-03
I'm loving this new look a whole lot more now. Can't wait to see what I can do with it.

p.s. Got inspired to write on my pictures by the ever so lovely and inspiring Elsie. I should work on it though or maybe buy a wacom...

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