Movie Wednesday: American Dreamz

by - Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I watched American Dreamz last week and I was really sad by how disappointed it was. It was nothing like I imagined and I was so angry by the ridiculous clichés they made: it was like looking at a cliché movie from some already-clichéed situations.
What I disliked the most is how tasteless the whole story is: in fact, there's no real story and they made us feel stupid for watching it. I was so disappointed that one of my favorite actress/singer was playing the stupid cliché blonde girl who wanted nothing but win. To my opinion, the role wasn't made for her. though I loved her in the last scene of the movie.
Hugh Grant was himself, as usual, funny but clumsy. It was a good performance for him.
I know that it's an entertainment movie and that it's not supposed to be anything different, but I thought they'd put a little more in it, more things to think about, less clichés and more material. I don't know, I guess it was just a huge disappointment for me and I can't seem to feel any liking for it. I probably put my standards a bit too high for this kind of movie.

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