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by - Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today lieverd and I talked about education.

When I see the teenagers coming out of the school next to my work, I'm getting so worried and anxious about education: those kids are selfish, dirty, rude, filthy, they throw their stuff on the street or they leave their McDo boxes on the pavement, they swear all the time and sometimes at you, they have no respect whatsoever. I told lieverd that our children will never go in that school. Ever.

The thing is, in Belgium, there are not enough good schools. And I heard the good ones are expensive and you can only get in if you know somebody who knows somebody, etc. I don't want that. Also, I'd like my children to be fluent in both Dutch and French. I know it will be easy since lieverd and I already made the decision that we'd talk in our native language to our children. And if they go to school where we live, they will be more fluent in Dutch than French and it's not fair. Ok. Maybe I'm afraid they'll speak better Dutch than me. I admit.

I mentioned the homeschooling option. I don't think lieverd is too keen on this. The first thing he said was that homeschooling kids are antisocial. WRONG! A lot of homeschooling kids are even more social than me at their age or even with my little sister at her age. If you look at James's kids, you'll see they have friends and probably don't have problems making any. I think she also have a great homeschooling system. Plus they tried schools and it didn't work out for them.
I also think it's a good idea to homeschool your children so that you can really find their interests. It's not like I'm going to forbid them from leaving the house. On the contrary, I'll encourage them to play music or do sports.

I realized today that lieverd and I are not quite on the same page as far as education. But I'm glad we still have time to think and especially talk about it.

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