Re-organizing the Kitchen • part #3

by - Saturday, March 03, 2012

I finally had the time to go get what I was waiting for the kitchen: a trail to put all of our kitchenware and be able to use them quicker than before.
You can see it on the left picture:
I really love how it turned out and it's so useful there. I even could put a spice jars holder and a little tiny shelf to put a few other things on top. It looks so cool and so much more organized (which was the point, ha!).
I also cleaned out the dinner table but I forgot to take a picture. I'll do it tomorrow when the sun is back.
I put a few less magnets too. I love my collection but it's way too much in the kitchen: I want the space to be relaxing and soothing and looking at all those magnets made me feel a little dizzy.
BabyLuv wants to put some more shelves around the kitchen, we haven't decided yet where but we'll figure it out. Right now, it's already much more practical and looking cute.

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