Making my heart ache

by - Thursday, March 01, 2012

PhotobucketI stumbled upon this .gif yesterday and it hit me pretty badly.

It's an extract from the movie The Help that I recently saw at the movies and which really made me cry out loud so much and I can't even remember when I last cried that much. Not because it's all sad or not good but because it's beautiful and emotional and filled with love.

Mae Mobley is the little girl Aibileen (one of the main characters) takes care of. Aibileen is really kind to her and always praises her when she does good deeds or when she behaves, she teaches her to be brave and strong and tells her good stories about how she has to be respectful to any human being, she teaches her all the things her Mom is supposed to teach her. And she teaches her this:

Why it really hit me, first in the movie and then again today is because this little girl looks so much like my niece that it makes me miss her all the more again and wanting to hug her and see her and kiss her and just be there for her.

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