by - Monday, May 14, 2012

Gosh, I really don't like how the computer makes me feel when I spend too much time on it: I'm moody, I get mean, I can't put up with anything, I cry, I feel lazy and sick.
Though right now, I really have to be on it: I'm in the middle of dumping my French blog on this one, and that's 5 years of data... I'm happy to see old pictures and read how ridiculous I was when I was younger. But it's so much work and I'm just so tired.

Screen shot 2012-05-14 at 12.11.08

Hopefully, I'll be done today or tomorrow. I have to finish before we go to France, on Thursday. I'll feel better about it. And the editor of the platform told me it won't be long until I can't log in from the old interface. they already deleted my picture blog and i have the feeling I'll never see these pictures again (my external drive burnt a few years ago and I still haven't had the courage to have it open to see if I actually lost everything).


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