Just one day

by - Monday, May 20, 2013

We finally got ourself a pet.
We went to the market yesterday morning and I fell in love with a tiny little brown and white-spotted guinea pig. There were two different kinds but this one got all my attention. It was so sweet with its little spot on the head and it was friendly and calm.

Maybe too calm for its own good: unfortunately, it wasn't well and passed away during the night. We only had it for a day. We're very sad and were already very attached because it was the cutest little guinea pig. We might get another one next week at the same market but this time, I'll ask a bit more about where they come from.
We introduced it to Mémée Rosa (who wasn't a big fan because she thought it was a rat) and we played with it. I put it in Peter's parents garden for a little while but it didn't move so much there. It was probably already sick. I don't know. I only know that we didn't give it any bad food to eat (I checked).
It's so sad to see a little life go away like this. I hope it knew we already loved it.

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