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by - Friday, July 06, 2012

I'm so happy with this new blog layout that I found on Pugly Pixel blog: it's so clear, simple in a great way and beautiful.

Screen shot 2012-07-06 at 16.30.57

The CCS codes aren't an easy task for me but I can get by. I've worked on my photography blog layout for only a few hours because it was very easy and I wanted something very simple, but I've worked for this one for the past week and it's been exhausting and frustrating: I really knew what I wanted but couldn't find the right template/color/width/number of columns/layout/options, etc. I did see Katrina's free templates at the beginning of my search for the perfect layout because I'm following the talented artist, Rebekka Seale who uses one of the templates, but I wasn't totally sure that is what I wanted.

After attempting to change a few things that I didn't like on other templates, I finally decided to give it a shot and voilà! It was just what I needed with a few changes here and there. I'm still not 100% happy with the way the posts show (I want my pictures to be centered) but I'll get around to it (though I've been trying to find out where that comes from without any luck the whole day).

I'm so happy that I finally found a design that fits the mood/feelings I'm in lately: I was really not liking the other layout/colors anymore. Changes are positive when you put your heart into it.

p.s. found out the right code for my pictures to be centered! This might take a while...

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