Let's have a baby | Day D

by - Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I went to my appointment today.

Thank goodness lieverd helped me with the route, I was less stressed about being on time and getting lost.
When I got there, I was a little confused because the office is a house. And with houses come doors. Lots of them. I didn't know where to go and went around the house because I saw some machines on the side. But it wasn't there. I came back to the front of the house and looked at the sign to be sure I was at the right place. I was. But there is another doctor there. Hmmm. I hoped I wouldn't get into the wrong waiting room.
I finally found an open door and a bell. I pushed the bell and entered. The waiting room was on the left. There was a lot of people. Mostly older people.
I questioned a lot whether I was at the right place or not until a doctor came out and I saw her face. So to be sure she was the gynecologist I was supposed to see, I searched on google (my family doctor recommended her and she asked me if I wanted to see a picture of her when she looked at her address and telephone number and I said no, that I shouldn't judge her on her looks. That's why I knew there was a picture of her somewhere.). When I recognize her face on my phone, I was so relieved!
And then the waiting began. Since she put me on a double appointment, she told me I might wait a little longer than usual. Even though I was prepared to wait, I couldn't help but stress and wonder what she would tell me. I just hoped she was kind.

When the assistant finally called me, I was happy to finally get out of the waiting room. She asked a lot of questions. It was a bit intimidating.
When the doctor came, I was confused. She finished something with another patient and came back to her office where I was standing. She asked more questions and asked what was bothering me. I tried to tell her as much as I could. (I can't believe I couldn't remember the name of the pill I was taking, pff!).
Then she examined me and I got even more confused because she was telling me things I didn't know and I didn't understand what was going on with me. I've never been so confused. And I felt pretty stupid for not knowing some of the things she was telling/asking me.
When we went back to her desk, she tried to explain a little more but she said we had to wait for the results and that I needed to have a blood test later this month.

One thing I'm sure right now: she is going to help me. And it makes me feel confident for the future.

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