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by - Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I got very very inspired the other day looking through Pinterest.

I've been thinking a lot about how I want our office to look like and what I really want to do in it and with it. I had so many ideas that I always postponed doing anything with it.

I'd like these ideas to take shape:
~ I want a large desk where I can put my big screen and have enough space for all the gears we have.
~ I need space to be able to use my notebooks or papers without moving everything away.
~ I want something simple but very practical.
~ I want to use this long space as much as we can without it being crowded.
~ I want to put my art wall there.
{source: image 1 - image 2 - image 3 - image 4}

When I stumbled on the first image, I knew exactly that it was what I wanted to have: it's practical, it's really pretty, it's clean and you can do it yourself. I couldn't believe that I just needed to go around the Internet and find the perfect solution to my ever changing ideas.

I talked to BabyLuv about it and he's thrilled! He's not so sure he'll put his desk there too since he loves being in the living room but he really liked the sketch I made. He's also very happy that we can do it ourselves because we love making stuff together and since desks are awfully expensive and I know what I want and couldn't find any that really fit what I needed.

I know the desk is going to be much smaller than what I'd like to have but I can use the other little desk to put my notebooks and papers and some of the gear. I'm so so excited about this project and I really hope we can make it work really soon.

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