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by - Monday, May 07, 2012

thoughts on change

I've been lacking writing on my blog lately. Even though I have lots of updates to make.
This time I'm not being lazy (the ironing basket is still empty!) but I have so many things in mind and so many things to do.

~ We're slowly but beautifully making our nest more and more beautiful.
~ I've had a few trainings at work that implies a lot of changes.
~ I'm trying to put every little thing in a place where I can reach them easily and not forget about them.
~ I'm sketching what our office will look like after I put everything to its righteous place and organise the art I want to put on my 'magic wall'.
~ I spent way too much money and try to be so very careful these days/month.

Photography speaking, there are way more that I should be doing but I'm focusing on these:
~ My camera is broken again and it makes me furious.
~ I'm editing old pictures that have so much potential but I haven't get around to post any yet.
~ I'm trying to finish a few of my photographic projects from the past years.
~ I need to make the CDs for all the people I promised one.
~ I need to move my first photography blog before I lose all its content.
~ And I need to finally finish the internet back-up of 2010 and start 2011.

That's a lot, but this is another goal I have to finish before the 16th of May (I work better with a deadline). Wish me luck! I'll put an update then.

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