Re-organizing the Kitchen • part #1

by - Monday, February 27, 2012

Work in progress...

We opted for an open-kitchen and I love it but when it comes to stuff and cleaning, I'm the messiest person around. I like seeing my things so I don't forget to do it or pay it or bring it, etc. The thing is I have too much stuff that I pile up in any visible surface and it seems like it's a mess all the time. But I've got to put away all that in their righteous place and make some space for the kitchen and its stuff.

So I decided it was time to re-organise the kitchen to make it more practical and cozy and also to find some solutions for my piling up things all over the place.

This is how it looked today before I started the big Spring cleaning:
This is how it looked after I put everything away so I could clean out the cooking space:
I'm not done yet because 1. I started way too late (such a lazybones, gosh!) 2. BabyLuv arrived with the groceries and started cooking (he's so awesome, that guy of mine!) and 3. it's way too late to continue (and I want cuddles).

So tomorrow I'm going:
  • to finish cleaning the pots and put them away,
  • clean out the working space near the sink,
  • re-organise the cupboards a little and
  • find the things I'm not using and will sell/give them away,
  • take care of all the stuff on the dinner table.

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