Re-organizing the Kitchen • part #2

by - Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I've decided to Spring clean our kitchen and re-organize it this week (see part #1). It's a fun task and I love how my ideas flow and make me feel so energetic. It's also really rewarding because I can see clearer what I'd really like to do with it. Also it made me so happy about cooking tonight (ok, frozen pizza isn't actually cooking but I made a pretty Spring salad!).


This is how the kitchen looks like today: I've cleaned the working space and the pots and put them neatly in the left corner. I put a few things in my 'to give away' bag but I didn't get around to completely re-organize the cupboards. I have to find a proper space for all the stuff on the dinner table, most of them are photography related and a few things have to go back on the working space, though I'd rather find a good place for most of them.
I realized looking at the pictures that our electric plugs on the working space aren't straight and it looks funny. I looked around and realized they were not the only ones...

So tomorrow and Friday are big working days so I'm not sure I'll be able to finish the kitchen before the weekend arrives. I will however go to a shop where I found some very practical organizing tools I could use in the kitchen. We'll see!

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