Let's have a baby | Mixed feelings...

by - Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today my best friend announced me via picture that she was pregnant.

The first feeling that came was shock. Because I wasn't expecting her to have a baby just now and also because she wasn't either.
Then I got all excited and thought about a baby J and it was the cutest thing. I went back to bed with a happy smile on my face, being so happy for her and her husband.

But I wrote "hello baby, I was expecting you" meaning I was expecting them to have a baby even though not so soon. To that she replied "it was a surprise for us =/ ". That smiley is what made me explode with rage. She is going to have a baby without any trouble conceiving it and she's not happy. What the heck? She will never even understand how I'm feeling, she won't have to worry that maybe she can't be a mother, that maybe what I've been waiting for my whole life won't happen.

On the other side, when a baby is not expected, it can cause a lot of troubles and all the plans you made are being put on hold and it also can really be a bad timing. I think that's what she meant by this. I hope she'll find peace with this though.

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