Le Tour

by - Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm going to be one of these people who will talk about Le Tour De France.


Is it the same all over again for you too? Each year, I have to stop watching what I'm watching because BabyLuv wants to see Le Tour or the reviews. I know he loves it but the tour lasts way too long for me. I've decided to read instead, which is great. But I just get fed up with all the talks, the interviews, the marketing around it. I'm French, I sure know how it is.
On the other side, I do love it when BabyLuv is cheering for his favorites and when he wants me to cuddle next to him while he watches the review at night. I love that he goes cycling when the weather is in our favor (which hasn't been lately...) and when I mimic the voices and accents of the people, his laugh makes me want to do more until it's kinda ridicule.
I'm just glad it's almost over and that we're going on vacation where I hope we won't have a tv...

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