Let's have a baby | She's not mine

by - Thursday, February 02, 2012

Last night I had this weird and intense dream.

I often have really intense dreams where everything looks so real and most of the time I know the people involved in it. Sometimes I'd even change character so I'd always see what's going on, and I have to say, it feels really strange when I understand I'm in someone else's body then.

Often my dreams reflects something I've seen or watched or experienced during the day. Sometimes it comes from thoughts that first keep me from going to sleep.

Last night I dreamt of a baby girl.

"The baby girl was wearing a stripped pink pajama and she was awake in her baby chair, smiling. I was talking to a friend while taking care of her and playing with her.
My mom came to us and said my little sister had to take care of the baby girl so she took her away to the kitchen. I didn't want to but I let her take the baby girl away because I knew she wasn't mine...
My sister turned out to be my step-sister and she didn't know how to take care of the baby girl, she held her by one arm trying to change her diaper and it was all wrong. But my mom was smiling so I didn't do anything because I know she wasn't mine.
Until I couldn't take it anymore and took over my step-sister and changed the baby girl. And she stopped crying and she smiled and she was happy. When I was finished, I held her tight, really tight and didn't want to let her go... even though she wasn't mine."

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