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by - Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs poster
Click through the picture to go on the site where I bought this poster. Unfortunately, they are not selling this piece anymore.

When I found out Steve Jobs passed away, I felt kinda lost for a moment.
You'll ask, 'But why? You don't even know him!'. No I don't.

But it's not because you don't know someone that it doesn't affect you in a certain way.
When one of my friends' mother died earlier this year, I cried so much even though I've never met her: I cried because my friend was in pain and I could relate to what she was going through and I didn't want to go through this and because she's so dear to me.

Steve Jobs made me realize a few great things over the past years: he was a strong believer of creating your own happiness, he was a genius who changed the life of millions with his creations, he always gave great pieces of advice, he was always looking for something more, something greater, something stronger. He always had meaningful comments and sayings.
He also made me realize how easier life was when you put things into perspective and how you influence your lifestyle with little useful things such as organisation, taking one thing at a time, thinking bigger than the box or the majority.

Thanks to the products he designed, I could really focus on what I love and how I conduct my everyday life. It just made it manageable and uncomplicated. I now use an iMAc and an iPhone and everything is just less demanding: I can set everything together and never forget an appointment or a date or something I really have to do. I can list the books I want to read, the place I want to see, the movies I want to watch in one device and not on thousands of papers (even though I love paper, but I love trees even more!) that I'd lose the next day.

Here's one of his quotes I like:

live your own life
R.I.P. Steve Jobs and thank you for all that you've done for us.

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