When a stranger knows who you are

by - Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Not in the way that they know your name or age or who you are because of another person, but who you are deep inside, where you are so vulnerable, your deep self, but you never put it in words because then, it's really what defines you and you may not want it.

He's a sensitive man, he's got something that is a true gift: he can 'read' people at first sight. He has this little something you want to trust but that you fear at the same time... Is it honesty? Is it justness? Is it veracity? Is it that confidence you lost but he can somehow push back on to you? Is it that constructivism that you need to hear? I don't know. I just knew that this afternoon will be emotionally considerable for me.

IMG_1774We started off casually, he talked about his job and I'd ask a question now and then. then he'd get more precise and talked about personal matters. And then, he tells me, even though I knew, what he's up to.
And he tells me who I am and I become unstable, and tears come to my eyes and I can't stop them, because this is who I am. And he knew. He did.
How can a stranger read you so perfectly? How does he know all that he knows? I know we talked for some time before I asked him but still, he said his first impression wasn't from today but from that time I made waffles for the children...
I can't remember his exact words, I was too overwhelmed and out of my mind but I wish I could, just so I could say this to myself too.

He told me he knew my other self, you know, that person who is just like you somewhere in the world, who is somehow your twin without any family connection but who is acting and being just like you. He will 'present' her to me some other time. And I wonder...

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