Happy Friday!

by - Friday, October 21, 2011

Today was very nice.

First I had an early class with somebody very honest and straight forward who has quite a family story. It was really nice talking with her and getting to know her. It was her first French class with me.

Then I had to go home to get a shower because I still felt tired and I know showers always boost me. But my hair is a pain at the moment. I think I can't take its length anymore, it's so messy and I always tie them up, leaving them no space to breathe. I definitely need to do something soon otherwise my temper will break again.

Today was the day I was meeting my good friend Karina. She's such a sweetheart and so generous and helpful and happy and a super mommy.
But she moved a few months back and I didn't know where she lived exactly and I didn't have time to check on the Internet before leaving. So, of course, bien sûr, I got  LOST! I think I made the same route about 4 times and I got so upset and tired. Yes, I cried a little. Getting lost isn't fun at all.
Still, I finally got there. 1 hour late. If not an hour and a half.
Her new house is so cute and lovely, I love how it's made and I love how they decorated it. I should have taken pictures. Probably next time.

So after a tour of her home, she prepared lunch while I drank some warm strawberry tea. We talked so much, it's unbelievable how at ease I feel when I'm around her. She's so kind and such a great listener. Plus she gives great advice.

When it was time for her to pick her big boy, I left to go get some errands. I went to the electronic store to get an extra external hard drive (you're never too careful with losing pictures). Next to the store, there is a shoe store, but I didn't find anything special. So I went to the next store: there they sell all you need for the office. I bought a 2012 agenda, pens to write on my Christmas cards, a simple notepad and a tiny one + some other things.

I was in serious need of sweaters and warmer pants so I got to yet the next store. I found some jeans and a lot of cardigans: real sweaters don't seem to fit me. Well that's not it, I feel really ugly and I don't like to show the extras pounds I have on my belly. That's the real story. I also found a beautiful silk blouse and a lovely dress. We have a family dinner this Sunday, I don't know which one I'll wear...

I'm ending the day with my all-time favorite series 7th Heaven and I'll probably watch a movie after this post is done. Though I'm kinda tired. Maybe I'll watch an episode of Bones, House M.D. or Lie To Me.

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