I want a cat!

by - Sunday, October 23, 2011

We spend the afternoon at BabyLuv's grandma and she has two huge cats (9 kilos each!) and Brother, the male, is usually not nice at all and scratches and bites. But I guess today he was tired and he didn't even try to do us any harm, even though BabyLuv and his dad were pestering him.
I pet him for as long as I could. He was so soft and so kind that I couldn't stop even when my eyes started itching. It was such a treat to be near him and hear him breathe and purr.
Lady is calmer but also really scared of people. When you come too fast next to her, she rushes out! When you're more careful, she's still scared and she probably thinks about her options to escape but then when you show her that you don't want to hurt her or anything, she lets you pet her and she even ask for more, but like a shy little girl.


We won't have a cat for now. We're both allergic and BabyLuv is afraid they're going to destroy everything. But as soon as we have children and a house, we will.

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