Let's have a baby | June 2013

by - Thursday, June 06, 2013

I had a blood test yesterday to see if the clomid + glucophage helped this time around.
I was supposed to ovulate then. Unfortunately I couldn't get hold of the doctor to have the results and had to wait until today to know.

*drum rolls*

I did it! I'm ovulating! And oh boy, it's uncomfortable and a little painful. But I knew this from my first ovulation, a year ago (exactly, what a coincidence!).

I'm over the moon. I know it doesn't mean I'm pregnant but it means it worked and that I don't have to go through surgery just now. I got over-excited when the doctor told me on the phone. I heard her smile (I know it's weird, but I definitely "felt" it somehow) when I said super a few times. I like that she always says bonne chance (good luck), every time we have a good result.

I called BabyLuv as soon as I put the phone down. He didn't pick up but he just called me and I got all excited again, telling him the news. Maybe his birthday wish to have a little us will come true. Oh gosh, I hope so. I could hear he was ecstatic too, oh his smile, his beautiful smile. Can't wait to give him a big long hug tonight when we get back from work.

Now let's keep our fingers crossed! (and eat properly and move.)


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