Let's have a baby | May 2013

by - Thursday, May 09, 2013

I went to the gynecologist yesterday.

Apparently, I'm being resistant to the Clomid. It happens when you have PCOS: my ovaries wall became harder and thicker and it means the follicles can't get out. We saw them, they're numerous, waiting patiently...

I haven't had my period since early March. I'm not complaining, but it usually means that there's something wrong so it never reassures me when they don't come.

She gave me something to first get my periods before starting on Clomid again, this time a bit stronger.
She also told me that if that didn't work, I'll have to have an operation to make little holes in the wall of the ovaries to help the follicles come out. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. I don't like going to the hospital. But, it's not for now and we're just hoping that the Clomid will have an effect this time around. She also prescribeGlucophage to help the Clomid work, she says it's usually for diabetic people but combined, it helped the Clomid action on the ovulation.

I also told the doctor that I'm going to see a nutritionist to help me with my weight problems. For three weeks now, I've been writing everything that I've been eating and I realised I've been snacking when I felt sad or alone or upset and this can't continue. Now I always have a bottle of water nearby and if I feel like snaking, I just drink some water or don't eat anything because of guilt. It's still in process but I think I'm getting there. Drinking water is something I've haven't done properly lately either. I use to drink a bottle a day (1L) and now I drink almost only during meals (not always water but ice-tea, juice, lactose-free milk). And I need to be more careful too.

I'm also going to swimming lessons since late March, will hopefully go twice a week (if I don't get bad reactions from the chlore...). P. and I tried to go play badminton again, but failed the last few weeks. I hope we'll go again tomorrow, if they're open or next week.
P. took me bike riding and I loved it so we'll try to do that during the weekend.
I think these three activities are enough since I'm out of shape and my physical condition is very poor.

I'm trying to stay positive and optimistic. It's not easy but I think writing will help a lot.


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