Saturday getaway

by - Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two weeks ago, in the spurge of a moment, Peter and I decided to go on a ride bike before doing the grocery shopping. What an adventure it was, we found a new lovely park (that we actually knew but never thought it was that huge) and met friendly sheep.

Today we did the same thing because we really wanted to enjoy the good weather while it was lasted and met a family duck (they were really funny).

more pictures to come

Aaand we met the sheep and their owner as well. My goodness, these sheep are totally amazing! We probably stayed with them for about half an hour, cuddling and scrubbing the back of the friendliest one. So much love going on there! I love seeing animals and sheep are some of the kindest ones. It makes me miss living in the countryside but if I get to see them every week, I'll be the happiest city girl!

those wildest ones scrubbed their back on the benches and trash can, so funny

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