to do or not to do

by - Sunday, September 25, 2011

I should really stop putting my to-do lists on the blog since it's not working at all.
I should just write what I've done during the day/week when it's actually done.

I haven't done anything in the house this week, I know I've been working full days and I've been a little sick and a lot tired but this doesn't mean I can't do my part around the house. Peter is always so courageous and helpful. I'm a lucky girl! But I should stop taking advantage of his kindness and patience.

On another note, I'm writing in my diary again.
I love it. I hope it's not another one of those phases because it does me good.
I've been doodling a little too, it's so much fun! I remember doing it in high school and college but since I've had a computer, I haven't written (or read) a lot.

It's all about to change.
Last night, I read a full chapter of The Help. It's so good. Sometimes it's a little difficult when Aibileen's turn to tell the story because it's written the way she speaks but otherwise it's so good to be able to escape in this story.


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