by - Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I decided to keep the inspiration and creativity very high in my priorities: I want to do things that I love and I want to create beautiful things and I want to make my own bread, cookies, cards, decoration, maybe clothes.

I know it's going to take a lot of efforts, especially for the lazy bones that I am but I'm ready to make it work. Yesterday I bought two new notebooks in ikea to help me create as much as I can. I think these two will help me write down ideas, draw figures and forms and patterns out of my mind, write words that are important to me and also express myself on a daily basis.

I've always had notebooks/diaries and I'm not consistant writing in them but when the words are there, they're included in my life forever. And that's what I want, I want all the little things that I notice, all the emotions, all that's happening to keep me inspired every day.

I'm hoping to put some pictures in them too. I think I will buy a small printer that I can use regularly and put them together and make some collages. Yes I'm inspired and it feels great!

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