Not a big deal

by - Thursday, September 29, 2011

I don't want to make it more important than it is to delete my fb -actually I'm not going to delete it, I'm just going to put it on hold. Like Sleeping Beauty though fb is nowhere near beauty. People won't be able to reach me via this network anymore.

It's funny but I don't really care anymore about it and I feel free, like a load had finally been taken off of my shoulders. Plus I announced yesterday that I'd be leaving fb on Saturday and got 8 messages out of 297 'friends' I have there. It does mean something, doesn't it?

I feel like I've been missing on so much while I'm on that site and yet people talk about their lives there too. It's funny how now other people's life feel like their lives is a soap or something. I just want to live my own. I guess that's what I'm really missing on since I'm so absorbed by others'  instead of fully living my own. I just want to feel no pressure to post pictures, to tell every single details of my life and I seriously need a break from all those games I've been playing (which is actually the main reason I don't want to go on fb anymore).

Anyway, hope to get more people to reach me via another media.

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2 little notes

  1. i know how you feel. but i'm too addicted to get off facebook. it's a drug, for reals. haha.

    xo, lizzie

  2. See, it's exactly my point: you see it as a drug, metaphorically, I know but that's what I hate about this site.

    p.s. thanks for passing by and leaving a little note! =)