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by - Thursday, September 22, 2011

I had the pleasure to chat with Lea, a beautiful soul who left her beloved London and family to go live in Japan. She's always so cheerful despite the obstacles, she's always a joy to listen to/read about, she has this little something that makes you feel warm and cozy inside.
I've never met her but I know in my heart that our roads will cross someday and that I'll be so impressed that I'll be paralyzed to say anything. She'll talk and I'll have a smile on my face listening to her amazing adventures.

I miss having friend here.
I have Emi, but she's back home at the moment.
I have Karina, but she's a busy mom.
I have Carole, but she's a busy busy bee.

And I have facebook. I hate facebook. And I like it a little too.
I just want life to be more than what this site conducts us. 
We became such stalkers, so immature and so curious in a nasty way.

I believe I'm mature and curious in a good way. I'm kind of a stalker though. But only for the people I care about. Those who are far far away. And yet again, I haven't called my best friend in forever...
I know that if I delete my facebook, questions will raise but they'll never be asked to me personally. They'll become gossips, whispers.
I know that if I leave facebook, people will wonder but then, they will forget.

But I know I will delete my facebook soon.
And that will be for the best. Especially for me.

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2 little notes

  1. Ah ben du coup, je comprends mieux! J'ai essayé de supprimer mon compte il y a quelques mois, mais je n'ai tenu que quelques semaines. Pfff... Mais je sais que tu es plus forte que moi!

    Bisous ma Patoune!

  2. Ça y est, c'est fait ! J'espère que je vais réussir à tenir le coup. Mais ce n'est pas définitif, enfin, on verra. Ça dépendra comment ça change mon comportement et mes habitudes...