Vestrock 2014, Hulst (Netherlands)

by - Saturday, June 07, 2014


BabyLuv loves music and so do I. I think the first years that we were together, we went to almost all the festivals of Belgium and to many concerts. We've seen Muse and Kaiser Chiefs a few times, Metallica, Stereophonics, Arsenal, Norah Jones, etc... Our taste in music is very eclectic but we also have a lot of common coup de coeur, which is awesome when we want to go to a concert.

I wasn't really into it this time: I was tired and a bit cranky, but there was a band I wanted to see, Intergalactic Lovers and there was Limp Bizkit, which I've never seen live before.


It was so hot! And I'm not really a big fan of hot and humid. So we spent most of our time under the Duvel tent listening to the acoustic artist or to the people from the Silent Stage with headphones on. Since I was still very tired, I was sleeping most of the time. Too bad!


We had some mussels with fries and fish&chips at the cutest stand (below) and I also drank two smoothies. One was supposed to give me a boost of energy but the sun got the best out of me...


Seriously: Intergalactic Lovers were the best band around during the whole time we stayed at the festival: the energy of the singer is so contagious! We bought their new CD and it's been playing non-stop since then. I love dancing while cooking.


This singer (above) at the Club Acoustic had the weirdest lyrics ever. It was so weird I had to switch my headphones to the Silent Stage, which was in Dutch, and then I fell asleep again.

We finally didn't stay until the end because the organisation of the order that the bands played was really bad and it was more of an headache than a real entertainment. It's a shame, we both wanted to see what Limp Bizkit sounded like live, but we couldn't be bothered anymore.


The weather was weird all day but when we head back home, we saw this gigantic cloud rolling and it was magnificent. We heard later on that there was a huge hail storm that caused a lot of damage in a few town in Belgium.


Edit: Unfortunately, I probably ate something bad or was it the water from the cran that I drank, we'll never know, but for the next two days, I was lying sick in bed and finally threw up like crazy on the night of BabyLuv's birthday. So I didn't get to enjoy this beautiful time with his family...
I'm wondering if other people were sick too...


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