Summer éd. 2014

by - Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Summer is here and oh, it feels so good!

I'm not a big fan of hot and humid but I'm a fan of sunny and blue skies. Nothing makes me feel happier during that time than to eat outside and enjoy the little breath in my neck. It's also our favorite time to wander and explore around the city or even the country. It's so nice to discover new places and enjoy my adoptive country.


This weekend, it was celebration time: BabyLuv's birthday, his mom's birthday and Father's Day were to be celebrated outside and, of course, with barbecue, oh yeah! Barbecue time is one of my favorites: everyone's happy, eat with appetite and dig into a perfect weather with swimming-pool or jacuzzi fun. It's always one of the best moments in the year.

Above is a little place at BabyLuv's parents where you can read a book or rest after a little swim, isn't it fabulous ?
Below are the beautiful flowers BabyLuv's mom grow in her garden; she's got such a great green thumb, you should see her orchids!


When we left, we took the little roads to get some grass for Isolde, our guinea pig and we encountered a few lovely animals along the way. This made me feel like a four-year old and made me feel a bit homesick, since I used to be a country girl. I hope someday, I'll be back in the countryside and will get to see all this gorgeous creatures every single day.


Sunsets are going to be gorgeous this year again.
Here's one taken while we drove back from VestRock.


all pictures edited with VSCOCam
first picture created with Gimp, from an idea seen and used in afterlight

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