30 day challenge | Day 3

by - Thursday, October 04, 2012

Day 3:  Your day in great detail.

The day started with a pretty bad headache. So when BabyLuv got up after cuddling with me, I did too to get a painkiller that would help me sleep a bit longer.

BabyLuv left for work and I kissed him before he got in the elevator and wished him a good day. When he got out of the garage and turned to get to work, I waved him goodbye from the balcony and he did the same. It's kind of our morning ritual.

Then I went back to bed. I didn't sleep so well because I kept thinking about many non-important stuff. I got up around 9. I prepared myself and my bags to go to work. Today I went to a company to give the first lesson. I did some shopping at the same company's grocery store and talked about it with my student (kind of a role play).

Then I went to exchange something but ended up getting the money back instead (great!). I also went to the library to find a book but since they didn't have it, I bought others instead. I just can't go in a library and leave empty handed.


Then I went home to eat lunch, I had noodles with lactose-free milk and yet another painkiller in juice and I looked through the Instagram feed.

I went to my next lesson which was at the school. I taught for half and hour and then went back home, took a shower and went to the doctor. I was very lucky that the wait and appointment didn't last too long. Before I went home, I did some more grocery since I forgot a few things and also wanted to try a product from my second student's company.

BabyLuv was already at home, we talked about the appointment and laughed and cuddled and kissed and he started dinner (Chinese left over). We ate with appetite and then went on fb together so I could show him all the nice comments about our anniversary. He then went and watched his favorite football (soccer) team play while I went on the computer to listen to some music and write this.

I also called my Mom and I love hearing her voice. And now I think I'll go to bed and read. BabyLuv is already sleeping on the couch, the day was hard. 'night!

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