Belgium today

by - Sunday, November 27, 2011

I really think what's going on in Belgium is ridiculous.

Those people who are supposed to care about their people and their needs are fools!
They're only making things more complicated than they are. Ok, things are complicated:
  • 3 different languages to communicate with,
  • great gap between the poor and the few rich,
  • lots of extremists,
  • too many people who don't want to work
  • too many foreigners who don't want to adapt in this already complicated country,
  • taxes that are Europe's highest but there is a big money crisis going on,
  • loads of fraud,
  • politicians who never want to settle anything,
  • no stable government since I arrived (Dec. 2008),
  • millions of euros for a royal family I'm still wondering why they're here for,
Hmm, when I think about it, isn't it how every single country is? Maybe not the royal part. But I can see similarities in my own country (France).

Though I'm getting more and more angry here, everybody knows Sarkozy was a clown, I didn't think, here in Belgium, such a small country, that they would be playing with our nerves so much.

They always disagree no matter the subject, they always judge the leader of a parti without having a discussion with them first, they're always playing with their iPad, iPhone, smart phones during the weekly debates (they should not be allowed to have them during that time at least!), they're allowing taxes that have no real meaning (what should I pay for something I don't have and probably never will?), they're always trying to make the citizen pay for their mistakes or their stupid spendings or their fraude.

I can't take it anymore, this is getting more and more insane over here.

Don't forget this is only my own opinion and I'm pretty angry. Some of you probably know more than I do and can probably explain it much better than I can. But as a foreigner, in a small country with so many problems and differences, I'm really wondering where my future lies. I have a job, I pay taxes. I speak two of the three languages in this country. But I feel it falling apart and becoming so bitter that anger is an easy way out. I know I can't properly do anything, but screaming my opinion is one option I choose.

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