P ♥ P Family Housewarming • The menu

by - Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Peter and I spent a big amount of time preparing the food for our family housewarming: it was fun to taste all the recipes that we wanted to make for the big day. We enjoyed cooking together and adding the spices as we did. It was an automnal menu with lots of vegetables & fruits of the season.
We cooked the whole day on Friday and the whole morning on Saturday. I was pretty stressed then because I was supposed to be done with the soup but didn't have time since my family arrived earlier than we expected. Also if you've made pumpkin soup before, you'd know how much work it is to cut the flesh into pieces. I was lucky to have Peter and my lil' sister help all they could (I'm terrible when it comes to the kitchen sharing). 
Here's the menu (in French):
Unfortunately I don't have great pictures of the food once it was prepared and done. I have blurry instax... I barely touched my camera during the whole day. I'm a bit disappointed but sometimes, you just have to enjoy the day and let others take the pictures. But the food memories will always titillate your palate, right?

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