Let's have a baby | Huge disappointment

by - Thursday, August 11, 2011

I was so disappointed this morning when my periods showed up.

During our lovely vacations, we made love so many times and still nothing. I know I shouldn't be disappointed or anything of the sort but I really was and it was so hurtful. I don't really know if I'm totally ready but this kinda proves that I am, doesn't it?

At first I didn't want to tell lieverd about it but I eventually did and he was very kind. He's not disappointed and I guess that made me a little less disappointed too.

I'm a little bit sad because I found a picture lieverd took of me in Lindos, Rhodos (Greece) where the wind blew my tunic and it looks like I'm 8 months pregnant. I cried when I discovered it the first time while chatting with my lil' sis. It's kinda funny to see what you'd look like if you're pregnant. I liked it. But it makes my heart ache a little too right now.

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