Let's have a baby | I dreamt about you, Baby III

by - Friday, September 06, 2013

I'm in a small room, all white and bright. It looks very comfortable and cozy but it's completely empty. I'm happy, I don't quite know why but the happiness radiates all around me, it makes me smile a bright smile and makes my eyes sparkle. I open the small closet by the door and see a baby mobile and baby sheets. Why are baby stuff in the closet? I close it and leaves the room. On the other room -our bedroom, I go to our bed. On the white bed linen, there is a tiny naked baby. Oh, he's so chubby and cute! I take baby in my arms and got to the green sofa next to the door to the small room. He's so precious! I carefully put baby on the little pale blue blanket that lays on the sofa. He's so tiny! Baby is very sleepy, but he stirs and I help him wake up with caresses and kisses...

Ring, ring, ring!

Back to reality. I want to scream and shout and cry. No no no, I want to be with my baby! It was just a dream. Yet another one. So intense and so real, somehow.



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