Time for a family?

by - Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've been thinking a lot about starting my own family lately.

I really want to have children but I think I'm afraid too.
And now just thinking about it makes me feel dizzy.
And then I stumble upon Miss James blog posts and the dizziness goes away: the love she unconditionally gives to her children is absolutely moving and wonderful. You can feel it through the pictures and in her eyes and in their eyes. Those kiddos are really something: creative, full of life, cute & funny! I know I want my children to be all that.
And when I see them all so happy and cheerful, it makes me realize that it's just what I expect my family to be. I don't think for a minute they won't be bad/sad/weird/angry moments but I'm sure you can always turn things around and make thing be better and brighter and lovelier.
Oh and I'll definitely do that too. hehe

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