BabyLuv (not so) good idea

by - Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yesterday, BabyLuv and a few of his friends went to a great DJ set called De Maxx, by Studio Brussel. I didn't go because I know how tiring and long it can be even though I love the music and the atmosphere.
So as I came home with the car, he was coming home with the first train in the early morning.

That's just what he did. And he came back with a kilo of little shrimps ! 1 kilo!! He's crazy! We don't even eat 300gr, so a kilo...
When I asked him about it, he was trying to explain his idea just like a little boy. That was so cute! He started eating some of them to prove that they wouldn't go to waste.
I ate some myself but I'm pretty sure at least 800gr went to waste...

Ah my! Guys and their crazy ideas!

2011-07-17 - crevettes oostende

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