52/2015 | thirty-eight

by - Friday, September 18, 2015

É. has been sick for two weeks now, first came fever then a rash all over her body and now a cold. She's been doing pretty great though: she was whiny only the first two days but she hates having her nose wiped and I can't blame her. I wish she already knew how to blow her nose to stop the suffering of salted water.

I really hope she won't be too sick this coming winter and I hope that breastfeeding will help her get though it without too many colds. I personally don't like taking medicine and I'm always trying to find a more natural way to get better. But when it comes to children, I have no clue. I've looked up a lot of natural ways for teething baby and I found a few things that worked great for É. (roots, soppy stone, herbal gel). For colds, it's another story, I can't really have her inhale steam from an infusion... So the doctor it was. I mostly tried salt water and blowing her nose with a little pump but I gave her nose drops to help the healing. I'm going to make more research on the matter and see if I can fins something that could work for our little cold-fighter.

É.: little observer

Shot 18/09/2015 on a Canon 70D - 1/100 - ƒ/5.6 - ISO 1250

 This photo project is linked to the beautiful 52-project of Jodi on Practising Simplicity.

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