Cooking: Carrés

by - Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I tried to make some carrés (means "square") today. I have to admit, I need some practice: I put too much inside the dough and it overflew, it was somehow tasteless or too sweet. For the savory carrés, I used minced beef and brocoli + caraway. For the sweet carrés, I put a half banana and a half kiwi + apricot coulis & icing.
The savory carrés were very good in taste but needed a bit more spices.
The sweet carrés were too full and sugary and not so good looking. 
I'll definitely want to try again. BabyLuv didn't like it so much, but I think with the right ingredients and spices, it'll grow on him. Also we both liked the savory version best.

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