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by - Saturday, January 16, 2016

The beginning of the year has been tiring and a lot of tears have been shed, mostly on my part. Getting back to a routine after super fun Holidays with my family has been tricky and tiredness got in the way of all things, again mostly on my part.

I've realised that bébé2 is going to be here before I know it and I've got hundreds of things to do/finish/send/prepare and I think I've felt very overwhelmed by it all.
Élodie has started being fussy while breastfeeding and we're going to try and give her a bottle before going to bed and see how it goes. Breastfeeding while pregnant can be very challenging and there are times when it hurts a LOT. I can't really complain because it only hurt a few times until now.

Update: First night, Élodie drank 90ml and it was so great. The next day she only drank 30ml but I kept enthusiastic and hopeful. The next three evenings, she wouldn't take the bottle. At all. We'll try again later...

É: sleepy baby took a late afternoon nap

Shot 15/01/2016 on a iPhone6s - 1/46 - ƒ/2.2 - ISO 25

bébé2: 26 weeks

Shot 12/01/2016 on a iPhone6s

 This photo project is linked to the beautiful 52-project of Jodi on Practising Simplicity.

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