Love unconditionally

by - Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ma poupée,

Today you amazed me by your kindness when you picked two dolls at the lovely store Dille&Camille.

You first picked a big ginger-headed doll and gave her a big hug, you said you wanted to take her home with you and I said yes --how can I resist this sweet view? Then you realised there were more dolls and saw the little ginger-headed doll and gave her the sweetest hug, while talking to her, I didn't catch what you said, but it was very cute. 

When you started picking up all the dolls, I got a little worried (there were about 6 of them, 4 big ones and 2 little ones). A little Black doll was at the end of the row and you got very excited when your eye caught sight of her: you put all the dolls down (apart from the little ginger-headed doll) and grabbed one and gave her a sweet hug too.
You were so adorable with these dolls in your arms...

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, you had the two little dolls give each other a kiss and that's when I knew we'd bring these two cuties back home.

Your kindness shows everyday in all sort of little things you do but I really wanted to remember this because, my baby girl, you make my heart swell with love and I'm so grateful I get to be your Maman.

I love you. x

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