52/2016 | three

by - Thursday, January 21, 2016

Getting back into our normal routine has been such a blessing: I'm feeling less tired and am more patient and Élodie's smiles and laughs are getting more frequent and it makes me feel so much better.

I think our time with my family was such a treat and it made me realise even more how much I really miss them: the fun, the drama and being around them, taking part of their daily lives. I know I chose to follow y heart and live far to be with my love, but sometimes, I wish we could just share our time between here and there, near my family and friends, half of the year. It'd be great.

É.: mesmerised in front of this growing belly
bébé2: keeping me awake while having fun moving around

Shot 21/01/2015 on a iPhone 6s

 This photo project is linked to the beautiful 52-project of Jodi on Practising Simplicity.

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