Sinter Klaas

by - Thursday, December 06, 2012

Today was Saint Nicolas holiday, here in Belgium.

It's a cute holiday for children but I decided to make it a cute holiday for BabyLuv. I hid his presents in the underwear drawer where I knew he wouldn't look the day before but would the first thing in the morning after his shower.

very blurry picture of BabyLuv discovering his presents

Though it didn't quite go as I expected... He opened the drawer, took his underwear and closed the drawer. I was kinda "shocked" that he didn't even noticed there was something in there (it was pretty obvious). So I told him to open the drawer again and then he saw the presents. He was surprised and I could see that he didn't expect it at all.

But he was definitely happy about it and went on and read the card that I bought from this lovely and creative person, Lesley. It says "You fog my spectacles". I love it! Especially because we both got new glasses a few weeks ago and they kinda look great. And this man can rock his glasses pretty greatly!

It's funny because I wasn't sure about the DVD but he told me it was great and he loved the card so much that it made my heart burst with happiness. And I really think this Saint Nicolas chocolate figurine is pretty cute and will be delicious. I hope he'll share... ;)

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