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by - Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jeroen Meus & I - Antwerpen boekenbeurs 2012

As much as I love books and cooking, when I went to Antwerp's annual "boekenbeurs" I didn't expect to meet my favorite chef,  Jeroen Meus (who happened to have written his 4th cooking book).

jeroen meus boekenbeurs
What I like the most about the way he cooks is that it's accessible to anyone, whether you know how to cook or you're a total beginner, his explanations are always very easy to follow and he really makes it fun to try new things.
varkensgebraad - jeroen meus
His books are written in the same fun and easy-to-follow way as his program, Dagelijkse Kost, that I try to follow every week or so (I love that they put a big review on Sundays). I love that he takes you to other culinary cultures as much as regional cooking and most importantly that the ingredients are always in season.
Thanks to him, I learned to cook Belgian famous meals (that my mother-in-law cooks deliciously) like "Stoofvlees", "Varkensgebraad" and "Balletjes in tomatensauce" and I love learning about where all this cooking comes from. Here's to many more "lekker" recipes and great evening of cooking! 
dagelijkse kost books - jeroen meusdagelijkse kost 1-2-3-4dagelijkse kost - jereon meus

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