Good deed

by - Friday, July 06, 2012

Today I woke  up early to prepare one of my favorite Belgian dish: stoofvless (or stoverij).
It's a meat dish with lots of onions, herbs and beer. It's kinda the same recipe as boeuf bourguignon, but instead of red wine, they use brown beer. It's lighter and tastes way better, to my personal opinion.

Since BabyLuv ordered so much meat, I decided to bring some to my young student today: last week, he almost fainted because he got sick and I'm pretty sure it's because he's not getting enough food in his system. He works pretty hard during the afternoon and in the mornings, he's with us, speaking a foreign language. That's pretty consuming!


He welcomed it with eager and finished the whole plate in a minute. I'm really glad he liked it since I'm still new to the process and the well-cooking of this recipe. It's funny the effect food has on people: it's like all of a sudden any traces of stress, boredom or anger flies away. I ache for those who can't have enough every day...


p.s. My student is getting enough food from his family: he's just a teen who doesn't really care if he eats or not during the day. I just wanted to treat him with some homemade dish so I was sure he got something before heading to work.

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