Let's have a baby | Ovulation I

by - Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No one ever tells you about the bad side of anything.
Why? Because indeed, it's bad. Ah!

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I came back from my trip to Istanbul feeling tired and disoriented and sick. I thought it was the combination of the wonderful warm and active week + the great weekend in the nature of Limbourg.

On Monday, I started feeling a bit dizzy and pain in my low tummy. Then on Tuesday, the pain was growing, it made me sweat like a whale and have hot-flush and muscle pain.

But today, I had to go to Brussels to get my passport, meaning: taking the tram, then the train, then the metro and then walking and all the way back around. With every single step, the pain in my womb was as if someone was poking me with something. That was pretty bad and really made me feel like a mess.
I arrived in Brussels wet from the sweat and feeling so weak I bought a croissant filled with apricot jam. It didn't really took the pain away, but at least I ate something yummy that put my attention away from the pain for a few minutes.

I'm so very glad that getting my passport took about 2 minutes top, I don't know what I would have done otherwise: faint? Maybe. Throw up? Unlikely. When I got out of the Consulat, I paused for a moment to gather my thoughts. Could I be pregnant? I didn't think so. But since the assistant told me to call the doctor today after 11am, I focused on that and I knew she'd give me answers. Though I wasn't worried, I just felt sick.

As I got home, I first tried to get hold of my students: my state worsened on the ride back home and I wasn't sure if I could teach him today. But he didn't answer.
The next call was for my doctor. As soon as I got her on the line, my muscles relaxed and suddenly the pain didn't feel as bad: I was ovulating!

The doctor was ecstatic: I could hear in her voice how excited she was for me. I realized now that changing doctors was the best decision I've ever made. She told to get on with it (her exact words were, "do your thing now!") and that made me smile because the timing was so wrong! Lieverd is away for the week. Aww, she was so disappointed, it was cute.
I wasn't because if I could ovulate once, I sure hope I could do it again.

The pain started to feel less consuming after the news. Maybe because it was very good news. And I hope that my body will let me experience this again next month.


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