Let's have a baby | Blood test II

by - Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I completely forgot that I took a few hours off this morning to go have my blood test.
I felt so stupid! But it kinda worked because one of my student cancelled and then it meant I was free in the afternoon. Yes!

I went there just after my last class. It was so hot outside but yet the weather is so unpredictable over here.
I went in and saw the assistant was there. I waited for her to finish her call and said I was coming for the blood test. She asked me a few things first (when I took the medecine, the papers, etc.). The first time I saw her, she was more helpful, now she was almost rude and impatient.

she had me go in another room so she could take a blood sample. Oh my gosh, how brutal she was! It's as if she'd never done it before. she was pretty bad at it: when I wanted to take off the cotton for her to put the bandage, blood flew out! I was so surprised!
the phone rang and she took off with the bandage. I thought she'd still have it with her when I came out of the room but she stuck it on the... desk. DISGUSTING! I've never seen anything so unprofessional before.

The last straw was when she asked me for 5€: what? The doctor never asked me for that!  Not that I didn't want to pay, of course, it could be normal, but the way she put it, I really think that's not the normal procedure. Plus, when I go to a lab to have a blood test, they never ask for money beforehand. Fortunately I didn't have the money. And I'm going to have to ask the doctor about it because it really seemed suspicious to me.
I really don't mind paying, it's just the way she did it. Like it wasn't her job so she had to be paid for this. Which is not what I understood from the doctor. We'll see.

I'm just glad it didn't go too too bad. She's a bad nurse, I think i'll ask that the doctor takes my blood sample next time, even if I have to wait.

Results tomorrow. Hopes rising!

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