My favorite winter shoes

by - Sunday, January 22, 2012

I was still wearing my summer trainers until the end of december and I began to feel the cold  go right through them. It was time to get winter shoes!
We had to go to France to get my car fixed and there are a few of my favorite shops not far from the garage. BabyLuv doesn't like shopping at all so we went directly to the shoe shops I knew.
I knew exactly what I wanted: boots, not too high, warm, strong, waterproof, different from what I see in Ghent. At first it wasn't easy, low boots are not as good looking. We went to three different store and in the second one, I found the perfect low boots! They were GREEN! My dream come true!
Thing was, they were also in suede and you really have to take good care of this material otherwise, you won't even make the season (especially during Winter). Since I'm a lazy bones, I hesitated... until the saleswoman came and took them from me and went to the cashier, without even me saying that I really wanted them.
I guess it was easier then, since I finally took them. She gave me products and non-slip soles to go with them. I was all set! She made the decision for me! But I don't regret it.
All pictures taken with Hipstamatic.

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2 little notes

  1. They're really pretty and they look warm and comfortable.
    Still, I'm really surprised by the saleswoman's behaviour. I think that's exactly the kind of thing that makes me NOT buy something, no matter how much I love it!

  2. They are! =)
    And should really take pictures of them during the day, so you can see the real color.
    We were taken by surprise: that was so weird, but I was already in love with the shoes, even though I opened my mouth for a good 2 minutes before following her.